My name is Terri.  I started making homemade caramel apples for my family gatherings and as holiday gifts and they became such a hit amongst my family and friends that I decided to create applesbyterri so that you and your family and friends can enjoy them, too!


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Peanuts or traces of nuts

are contained in all caramel apples.



Caramel apples aren't just for carnivals anymore.  


      Crisp Pink Lady apples are hand-dipped in homemade caramel with your choice of toppings: plain, peanuts with chocolate swirls, graham cracker dust with white chocolate swirls, dark chocolate covered coffee beans, dark chocolate with sea salt, toffee bits with chocolate swirls, coconut oreos, s'mores, butter toffee peanuts, apple pie... Toppings that enhance the original caramel apple craving, not smother it.  

     applesbyterri makes the sweetest addition to birthday parties, baby showers, wedding celebrations and all of life's sweetest moments.  


Toppings & Prices


Plain caramel apple - $7.00 each

Caramel apple with toppings - $8.00 each

1/2 dozen, dozen or more will be gift wrapped


(but new ones are being created all the time!)

Plain caramel or with gold sprinkles

Caramel with butterfinger

Caramel with peanuts

Caramel with peanuts and chocolate swirls

Caramel with graham cracker dust and white swirls

Caramel with dark chocolate covered coffee beans

Caramel with dark chocolate and sea salt

Caramel with toffee bits and chocolate swirl

Caramel with coconut oreos

Caramel with S'mores

Caramel with butter toffee peanuts

Caramel with brownie brittle

Caramel with almond joy

Caramel with apple pie

Caramel with dark chocolate and peppermint

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We are now able to sell our apples retail. If you own a business and would like to add caramel apples to your menu, please contact me!

For questions, inquiries, please contact Terri directly @ 916-203-5947

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